Truly revolutionary and innovative security testing capabilities are not at

all common. In the last five years, we've seen only a few. Burtelson is fundamentally different from any other security company, and that's a

natural result, given our fundamentally different approach to security.

Burtelson provides an unprecedented approach to vulnerability testing and assessment services with our DeltaSecure Process.   This innovative approach represents a new evolutionary step in cyber-physical security. Below you will find an overview to our approach. Don't just read about it, though. We invite you to experience it firsthand. A personal demonstration will give you an opportunity to explore, and provide ample evidence that the best in the future of security is here.


It's amazing how quickly the details of your life can fall into the hands of a criminal hacker.


Security awareness and social

engineering workshops


Do you know who's really calling you? We have successfully used social engineering to get into a target organization even after they've received social engineering training. We will work with your organization to find human-based vulnerabilities, and then train your staff to monitor for these attacks. We have even trained other security companies in social engineering attacks when their attempts have failed. Remember: If we can get in, so can the bad guys.

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