Robert Stauss is a United States Army-trained security expert and ethical hacker. He is one of the world's leading experts on social engineering, and has written and lectured on the practice and the mitigation of social engineering-based cyber attacks. He has received training and certification from the United States Department of Homeland Security in operations security (OPSEC) and cyber security. He has also undergone additional training specific to cyber-physical security.


Robert's fascination with hacking, computers and telecommunications began in the late 1980s when his grandfather, who was a telecommunications engineer and executive for AT&T and the Bell System, taught Robert about phone hacking and exploration of the phone system. This began a life of intellectual challenge and exploration by way of hacking.


Robert entered the United States Army cyber and information security career field in 1998. As a young private, Robert

trained at Fort Jackson, South Carolina before being assigned to the 514th Military Police Company in Greenville, North Carolina. This experience in government service would train Robert and serve him well in the future. To this day, Robert maintains an informal relationship with his former command, participates in security workshops and, and also works with new recruits and their families to help prepare them for entry into Army life. He is also an active member of the National Association of American Veterans.


Robert is an avid reader and history scholar, with a particular interest in Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. He is an alumnus of Valencia College where he studied English. He plays competitive kickball, and is working on his golf and tennis games.




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Robert Stauss

Co-founder and Chief Hacking Officer


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