Weak physical security can cause the theft of your most valuable data.

If we can compromise your physical security, we can compromise

your IT. If we can compromise your IT, we can compromise your most sensitive and valuable data, including PHI. If we can, so can the bad guys.


Physical penetration goes hand-in-hand with digital theft, and attacking your system from the inside makes it incredibly easy. Physical penetration testing finds the vulnerabilities that exist in your organization's physical security controls. We do this by simulating the attacks of real-life intruders. These tests will show if and how intruders can break into your buildings and secure areas, and be able to access your internal network. This offers you and your organization a complete survey and scrutiny of your weak points by exploiting them. We will then provide you with a proof of concept. This will itemize all of the vulnerabilities in your physical security and how we were able to exploit them.


All your information security defenses, such as firewalls, antivirus or intrusion detection systems, will amount to nothing if an intruder can simply walk in and, for example, plug in a USB stick or thumb drive and compromise your entire network. For this reason, physical security needs to be taken very seriously, but often it is weak and overlooked, which provides incredibly easy access to intruders and data thieves.


Burtelson physical security services provide an integrated video surveillance and security solution that can include cameras, digital video recorders, servers, storage systems and network devices including routers and switches. Burtelson will perform an initial physical security threat and vulnerability assessment, design your digital video surveillance solution, integrate the solution with you existing IT infrastructure, procure the necessary hardware and software, and provide solution support and long-term maintenance.


Burtelson has extensive experience in providing end-to-end security solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes, ranging from community hospitals to academic teaching hospitals.



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