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Burtelson Security was co-founded in October 2016 by US Army veteran and hacker Robert Stauss. Burtelson was named for Frederick Burtelson, a Bell Systems and AT&T engineer who was an early telephone hacker and inventor. He also happens to be Robert Stauss's grandfather.


After meeting at Epic Systems Corporation in Verona, Wisconsin, we ventured into the startup scene in a Seattle accelerator. This is where we turned our passion for security into a company aimed at solving the most complex information security challenges. The startup has set out to establish what is expected to be a long tradition of cyber-physical security leadership and innovation.


In January of 2019, Burtelson announced that the startup was relocating its private-sector teams from its Washington D.C. offices to come full circle back to the Chicago Loop. Our federal relationships and research activities will continue to be serviced from our Washington D.C. office located in Rosslyn, Virginia. Just across Key Bridge from Georgetown, our D.C. office is located at the heart of the D.C. metro area — five minutes from the Pentagon and ten minutes from the White House.


In 2019, Burtelson became a candidate for the National Security Agency (NSA) National Security Cyber Assistance Program (NSCAP) Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAS) accreditation.


Our founder's earliest days were spent exploring the telephone network. It is with that same spirit that Burtelson searches for better answers and solutions in cyber-physical and information security — from the accelerator to today.

Burtelson's mission is to contribute to the world by protecting information and making people, and the world in which they live, more secure.

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