Burtelson is committed to privacy awareness by unleashing the potential for  breaching the security of the most vulnerable target: You.

Someone just took your picture. Now what?


Smartphone cameras have come a long way, and the camera in a high-end phone, such as the latest iPhone, can almost match the quality of a good DSLR camera. Therefore, we use them often and in everyday life. We post these photos on social media, share them with family and friends, and add them to our vast photo collections. But when a person takes a photo of you, a patient or a staff member on the street, inside your facility or at a conference, is it harmless? Maybe. But maybe not.


Information that seems harmless can be used to successfully steal a person’s identity. Our InfoSec research is focused on how commercially available facial recognition software can be combined with social network data to match individuals that are out in public with personal profiles in social media such as Facebook and dating websites and apps, as well as their sensitive identifying information, such as social security numbers and dates of birth — and even EHR. Imagine that you've gone from a random face in the crowd, to a social security number and birth date, among other things that an identity thief can use to disrupt the lives of your staff, your patients and you.


Our research activities are meant to create awareness of how public information on social media profiles can be used by an attacker to accurately gain access to a target’s personal identifying information, including protected health information.


At Burtelson, we are actively researching new vulnerabilities and testing new methods on how to mitigate identity theft using these, and other methods.


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