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The way we do business


Burtelson conducts business ethically, honestly, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. This applies to every business decision in every area of the company.


Burtelson's Principles of Business Conduct


Burtelson's success is based on providing high quality information security services and products and on demonstrating integrity in every business interaction. Burtelson's principles of business conduct define the way we do business worldwide. These principles are:


Honesty. Demonstrate honesty and high ethical standards in all business dealings.


Respect. Treat clients and customers, suppliers, employees, and others with respect and courtesy.


Confidentiality. Protect the confidentiality of Burtelson's information and the information of our clients and customers, suppliers, and employees.


HIPAA Compliance. Ensure that all business decisions and activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Burtelson strictly embraces the EHRA Code of Conduct key values and practices including: responsible development, patient safety, privacy and security, and patient engagement.


Your Responsibilities


Burtelson's Business Conduct Policy and Principles apply to all employees, independent contractors, consultants, and others who do business with Burtelson. You are expected to:


Follow the policy. Comply with Burtelson's Business Conduct Policy and Principles, and all applicable legal requirements.


Speak up. If you have knowledge of a possible violation of Burtelson's Business Conduct Policy and Principles, other Burtelson policies, or legal or regulatory requirements, you must notify your manager (provided your manager is not involved in the violation), Human Resources, Legal, Finance, or Internal Audit.


Use good judgment. Apply Burtelson's principles of business conduct, review our policies, review legal requirements, and then decide what to do.


Ask questions. When in doubt about how to proceed, discuss it with your manager or Human Resources Representative.


Conflicts of Interest


A conflict of interest is any activity that is inconsistent with or opposed to Burtelson's best interests, or that gives the appearance of impropriety or divided loyalty. Avoid any situation that creates a real or perceived conflict of interest. Use good judgment, and if you are unsure about a potential conflict, talk to your manager or contact Human Resources.


Do not conduct Burtelson business with family members or others with whom you have a significant personal relationship. In rare cases where exceptions may be appropriate, written approval from the senior vice president of your division is required. You shouldn't use your position at Burtelson to obtain favored treatment for yourself, family members, or others with whom you have a significant relationship. If you believe you have a potential conflict involving a family member or other individual, disclose it to your manager.


Outside Employment and Inventions


Full-time Burtelson employees must notify their managers before taking any other employment. In addition, any employee (full-time or part-time) who obtains addition outside employment, has an outside business, or is working on an invention must comply with the following rules:


Do not:


●    Use any time at work or any Burtelson assets for your other job, outside business, or invention. This includes using Burtelson workspace, phones, computers, Internet access, copy machines, and any other Burtelson assets or services.


●    Use your position at Burtelson to solicit work for your outside business or other employer, to

obtain favored treatment, or to pressure others to assist you in working on your invention.


●    Participate in an outside employment activity that could have an adverse effect on your ability to perform your duties at Burtelson.


●    Use confidential Burtelson information to benefit your other employer, outside business, or invention. Before participating in inventions or other businesses that are in the same area as your work for Burtelson or that compete with or relate to Burtelson's present or reasonably anticipated business, services, or products, you must have written permission from your manager, and Burtelson product law attorney, and the senior vice president of your division.


Confidential Employee Information


As part of your job, you may have access to personal information regarding other Burtelson employees or applicants, including information about their employment history, personal contact information, compensation, health information, or performance and disciplinary matters. This information is confidential and should be shared only with those who have a business need to know. It should not be shared outside Burtelson unless there is a legal or business reason to share the information and you have approval from your manager.


Personal Information


Subject to rules or regulations affecting an employee's rights, Burtelson may monitor or search its work environments, including equipment, networks, mail, and electronic systems, without notice. Burtelson monitors facilities and equipment to promote safety, prevent unlawful activity, investigate misconduct, manage information systems, comply with legal guidelines, and for other business purposes.


Substance Abuse


Employees are prohibited from manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessive, using, or being under the influence of illegal drugs in the workplace. Use of alcohol or medications on the job or before work can cause safety issues, damage customer relations, and hurt productivity and Innovation. Use good judgment and keep in mind that you are expected to perform to your full ability when working for Burtelson.


Protecting Burtelson's Assets and Information


At Burtelson, we all have an obligation to protect Burtelson's property and to abide by the following guidelines:


●    Care for the company. Burtelson proves to be an amazing company because of its people. Burtelson employees care deeply about the company. Protect our physical assets like equipment, supplies, cash, and charge cards. Be on the lookout for any instances you believe could lead to loss, misuse, waste, or theft of Burtelson property and tell someone about it. Speaking up shows you care.


●    Protect the mystery. It's awesome for our company, our customers and clients, and our users when we release a software product, or a new product version. Use extreme care to protect Burtelson's proprietary information from falling into the wrong hands, especially information about current and future products and services. We teach companies how to detect and defend against social engineering attacks. Let's not be a social engineering victim.


●    Be upstanding. Follow our procurement procedures when acquiring goods or services, and use Burtelson assets only for legal and ethical purposes.


●    Keep it clean. Trash is inevitable, waste is not. Before disposing of Burtelson assets, discuss your plans with your manager, get approval, and follow applicable policies.


Confidential Burtelson Information


One of Burtelson's greatest assets is information about our products and services, including future product offerings. Never disclose confidential, operational, financial, trade secret, or other business information without verifying with your manager that such disclosure is appropriate. Typically, disclosure of this information is very limited, and the information may be shared with vendors, suppliers, or other third parties only after a non-disclosure agreement is in place. Even within Burtelson, confidential information should only be shared on a need-to-know basis. The Intellectual Property Agreement you signed when you joined Burtelson defines your duty to protect information.


Client and Customer Focus


Every service we provide and every product that we make is for out customers, clients, and end-users. Focus on providing innovative, high quality products and services and demonstrating integrity in every business interaction. Always apply Burtelson's principles of business conduct.


Client, Customer and Third-Party Information


Customers, suppliers, and others disclose confidential information to Burtelson for business purposes. It is the responsibility of every Burtelson employees to protect and maintain the confidentiality of this information. Failure to protect customer, clients, and third-party information may damage relationships with customers, suppliers, or others and may result in legal liability.


Nondisclosure Agreements


When dealing with a supplier, vendor, or other third-party, never share confidential information without your manager's approval. Also, never share confidential information outside Burtelson (for example, with vendors, suppliers, or others) unless a non-disclosure agreement is in place. These agreements documents the need to maintain the confidentiality of the information. Original copies of the non-disclosure agreements must be forwarded to the legal department. Always limit the amount of confidential information shared to the minimum necessary to address the business need.


Third-Party Intellectual Property


It is Burtelson's policy not to knowingly use the intellectual property of any third party without permission or legal rights. If you are told or suspect that Burtelson may be infringing on an intellectual property right, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, or Trade Secrets owned by a third-party, you should contact the legal department.


Copyright-Protected Content


Never use or copy software, music, videos, publications, or any other copyright-protected content at work or for business purposes unless you or Burtelson are legally permitted to use or make copies of the protected content. Never use Burtelson facilities or equipment to make or store on authorized copies.



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